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For your sake I hope this is not part of your personal experience, as it reeks of authenticity. The verbal self-assassination is bad enough, but the process of suicide by installments that cutting portrays is so much worse. Thank you for the insight and for the referral option at the end.
This is heavy stuff. Would this refer to a personal era?

By the way-"God don't make no trash"
You've written an excellent description of how self loathing can affect a person's ability to function in life. So well that I also wonder if this is from personal experience. If so thankyou for being so brave in sharing it here as I think mental illness in general is too often hidden away in shame. So often people turn a blind eye to it unless it happens to themselves or some one close. And you ended with the only sure rememdy, God's love for you!
Your title is perfect for this intense story. Your MC's voice is as conflicted as the story, Excellent.
I couldn't help the tears as I read this. Yes, this is a perfect description of an "Era" in the life of a individual trying to find the real person inside. With Christ's victory, it will be looked back on as the "Pre-Healing Era." Excellently written.
Very very intense. Thank God for an understanding husband.
I felt that in a few places your tenses weren't quite right - present where it should have been simple past and other times where judicious use of the pluperfect (had happened) would have helped the flow. Especially in such an energetic narrative where the MC's thoughts are shifting all over the place.
That said, the story certainly connects with the reader and makes one wonder how many other such 'victims' are out there.
That was very intense! I thought the MC had actually killed her husband and that was what the dog was barking about! How sad to be listening to such destructive thoughts. It was compelling to read.
Well written. I'm a little teary because I know some folks with this problem. Good job.
I hope this is one of those stories which will change someone's life. I pray the right person (or people) who is struggling with self-loathing and/or self-mutilation will find this story and the hope they so desperately need. Thank you for the courage to write such an intense and emotional story.
This is incredible emotional and you did so well at building the suspense and painted her pain so realistically. Putting those hard emotions to words is not easy. So powerful, I am almost in tears- which says a lot cause I am not a crier. Excellent job :)
Congratulations on placing 11 in level 3. Well deserved!
Oooo, I thought she'd killed her husband at first. Great suspence.
Powerful and heart-wrenching. It's so sad for friends and family when a loved one is involved with cutting. I have many scars that will never go away from self-mutilation, but I am so thankful for God's healing and deliverance.