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What a great piece. I can see a book - anthology, of stories like these, expanded. These tales are heartwarming and captivating. You've got some great lines in there like, 'the banker talking with the bank robber,' and 'the happiest Christian I have ever knew I met in jail.'

I loved the impala part. How many times have I acted like this animal, trapped in a four foot pen, not knowing I could jump up to ten feet!
What a wonderful ministry to be a part of! This is a great reminder to us that even in the least likely places our God is always working! Beautiful piece!
Very nicely told! I enjoyed reading about people I'd never expect to see behind bars. An eye opener.
Almost makes me want to go to prison -- for time to reflect. This is good story telling that helps us see prisoners at people. It would be more powerful if you made a reference to the Impala in the beginning and then developed the point at the end.
Very moving and inspiring. Thank you for the insight behind the walls of a jail or prison. Your MC and those like-minded are special people. I'm glad the light shines in there.
Love this sketch of life as few of us ever see it, especially as you make no pleas for further punishment or special treatment. I'm not sure where the impala fits in, but it's a great word picture of its own. Well done.
I liked the testimonies of the prisoners. Very inspiring. And isn't it true...sometimes we go to be a blessing but they end up encouraging us instead. (I have a friend who was in prison in Georgia for murder and robbery. His partner in crime received the death penalty. This man got saved and God spared his life. He was also miraculously paroled. He's married with two daughters and is on staff at a large church here in Omaha. To God be the glory.)
Great stories. Your last line is wonderful.