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You tickled my funnybone. In truth, I had the same problem when I decided to search for an old friend and found three pages for the name but none of the pictures matched.
A clever, fun read!
Because of a misspelling nby a customs official when my great grandfather arrived in Australia from Greece in the 1870s, I am the only person in the world who has my name. However, I hope you have a good time together.
Thanks for a very funny read.
You have a delightful sense of humor. This piece grabbed me from the first joke to the last word.

Try double spacing between paragraphs as the white space makes easier reading on the computer.

It was a delightful piece but a tad week on the topic, However all of the well- written giggles makes this a price to read an again and to recommend to others. Nice job Keep at it!
Oh yeah with a name like mine, I don't have to worry about funding several of me out there. Between my hare first name and my husband's Dutch name name hyphenated with my maiden name makes mea one of a kind!