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This was a delight to read. I could picture poor sis screaming her lungs out and Dad squirming when trying to explain Tinker Bell was a boy. It did seem like you were drifting from present to past tense, but that could have been part of the style of writing that gave it that wonderful old time memory feel. Wonderful characters and a nice out of the box defamation of eternity
Cute! Loved all the descriptions of their dining experience. We've stopped off at those places more than once ;-) Nice tongue in cheek ending
What a great read! I felt as if the middle section could have been condensed slightly since the actual dining experience had little to do with the central conflict. Still, your voice was so enjoyable it held my attention.
I enjoyed the story very much. The characterization is superb.
Very enjoyable read, with terrific characters, word pictures and a very funny conclusion. Yet apart from the length of the search, I did not clearly see its connection with the topic.
Enjoyed this. "Industrial sized lungs" - very funny.
Interesting read, though a little sad for Tom Cat. Truth be told what's not true about advertising that free kittens are all 'boys.' I in particular like what comes to mind with an ad that says, 'Country Cooking.'