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Loved your story. Well told. I lived through the greaat depression and the way you told it is the way it was.
Fun characters. I liked how the Aunt didn't just give stuff to the hobos, but had them work for it. I'm also intrigued at the "signs." I'm dying to know what they were. ;)

Just a tiny sliver of red ink: Pretty sure that "Mam" should be "Ma'am."

Awesome job!
The characters were a delight. Every young boy back then would have that type of curiosity, nowadays the puzzles are in the video games. The dialog was perfect. It could have been an episode of the Waltons or Andy Griffith. I've heard the homeless today still leave Clues absent which shelters are the best or where a church might let you work for a meal. Excellent storytelling
This is an excellent piece. I love the way it flows, the characters are vividly real and it ambles along, making it's point, without trying to do too much in a small space. It has the feel of a much larger tale, or series of tales about these boys.

Thanks for sharing!
Good read! I love the way you 'paint the scenery'. I think this would be a good 'first few pages' of a larger work. Just sayin---I see a book being started here. *)
I too liked the accuracy behind your story..Though I personally did not live through it, I did quite a lot of research to write about this time in our country's history.
I was there but my mother's heart quailed at 'mumblity peg' you had me right then and there. I cared about these boys. The story took me along like a slow moving creek in summer. The pace was perfect for the story and the characters were delicious like Aunt Bess' apple pie, I 'spect.
Beautifully crafted.
Like seeing a scene right out of yesterday, but the work ethic moral should be ageless, though sadly it seems to be slipping more into a “you owe me” mentality in this day and age! This story was so vivid and real, all characters so likable, I really enjoyed the read!