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I have to agree a bit with Garry, I think the subject is too serious for a sing-song rhyme style and would have liked to have seen this done more free form. In addition much of the rhyme did seem forced, especially in stanza six. Seemed awkward just to fit the rhyme. That being said, I think this could easily be reworked to be a very powerful poem about Thomas because you had some very good vision within! But, I also didnít completely see it fitting the challenge either because I donít think Thomasís doubt would make him a dropoutÖbut then maybe he was temporality? I really did enjoy the read but sorry, just giving my honest critique, as I saw it.
I very seldom do poetry because there are always those who will absolutely tear it apart and find nothing of value in it. I'll stick with prose where there seems to be a little more compassion.
I personally prefer honest critique to compassion for that is how I grow as a writer. I am very, very sorry if anyone was offended by my doing that, I thought that was what we were supposed to do! Also, the poem had a lot of value and I will gladly restate that.
I can't be positive if the response to comments above is from the author or not, but if it is, I am saddened. I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to poetry, but I can tell that Garry and Linda are and they are giving honest feedback, including what they like about your work. We should feel blessed that we have access to the insights of others who give of themselves to help us grow in their writing. Without hones critiques from other writers, Faithwriters would be a much poorer place for all of us.