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Member Comments
This is a very good piece of writing. I love the characters, the dialogue and the concept of the Blourokkies. What are they? Are they a cult? Are they bible scholars? You definitely left me wanting more of this story. Great job!
Very curious, and interesting too, and yes, I would like to hear more about this group as well.
Well, I too was interested in who the Blourokkies were spurred by this story. So I went on the internet and looked them up. And it was hard finding out who they were even there, had to wade through lots of articles to understand. So this story ended up being educational for me, as I learned of a group I had not heard about before.

Beyond that, your story fit challenge word well!
You wrote this very well and it was an original take on the topic. I was enthralled all through to the end but like the above commentors, I'm left wanting more. Any chance of part 2? haha!