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I like the writing in this story a lot. I like the characters you created too. It felt, though, like I was reading the beginning of one story and the ending of another. I wanted to hear an ending to the first guy's story and the transition from one part to the next was too abrupt for me.
But don't get the idea that I didn't like it because, as I said, you created great characters and compelling reads for them both. You did a wonderful job of showing me and not telling me. Thanks!
Loved the characters in this story. Good job! God bless!
Yep, I kept waiting to read the end of the motorcycle guys story and only at the end of Uncle Bens did I realize the motorcycle one had ended way back! LOL LOL Loved both these MCs and you did a great job of bringing both these characters to life and this left me wanting to hear more of each one!!! Enjoyed!