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Member Comments
*clap clap!* This was perfect! Had me laughing from the moment I started reading! I love the message - I love the storyline - and the humor. I think this has it all! Oh, and this was well written too! ;)
It left me with a bit of a smirk. Ohhh... the conspiracy... I did like it but felt my eyes go wandering while trying to read.
Action, please!
sorry about that. upon a re-read... yes, it has action. and yes, it's good. :D no need to worry there matey!
Wonderful story. Made me smile more than once.
Shades of Harper Lee's 'Mockingbird' here. Great story! Loved it all the way through!
I really enjoyed this piece! Cute and a good message too, well done.
so cute! great coversation! A fun story!
What a funny, sweet story! Well written!
Ha ha ha! This was great. I'm still chuckling!
Entertaining, funny and ingeniously crafted! Good job! :)
Oh, well done! A cracking little story, told with great warmth and honesty. I'm still smiling about it. Excellent, and God bless.
I like this. Has a great message, but also made me smile.

But I love fruitcake! Especially my mum's. I make a pretty mean fruitcake too. Every year, my mum sends me a homemade fruitcake all the way to the other side of the world. I used to share it with my friends, till I realized that some friends thought it was gross. I couldn't believe my ears. But believe me, they don't get any of the precious moist cake anymore!

It was a good piece though. Truly. Just couldn't help defending the moist, rich Christmas delicacy!
This was great..i loved it.
Bet the fruitcake tasted better than crow-pie! Great job! I liked this!
I was also reminded of Haprer Lee's "To kill a mocking bird". Well done.
Just like Joseph in the book of Genesis, God uses the evil intentions of others to bless us who love Him. I do agree though- fruitcake is gross:( Yuck! Thanks for the story.
Lynda, this was SOOOO you! It's a wonderful story and I'm glad you got an award for it. As I mentioned on the Boards, you also ranked 9th overall, so that definitely deserves a pat on the back. Well done. Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Bravo! Your stories are so believable. This is just wonderful.