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What a tender, delightful story. I loved it from being to end. God bless!
You took us right into the middle of the action. Your two little guys really tug at the emotions in this creative story. Then, your ending warms the heart.
Great work!
Wow! Two lonely little boys who needed each other. Very nice entry!
Well written and believable story. Your vivid imagery drew me into the story--captured my interest and empathy for the characters.
Oh, another entry that I'm so pleased I read through to the end! Very clever and beautiful. My initial thought at the end was "Does anyone really live like little Andy?" Sadly, I guess there are many Andy's in the world. I pray God makes a way for them to meet their 'Romano' or Officer Fenton.
What a great story this is. Even though I realized what it was he probably saw, I did not see your ending coming. I love stories that surprise me. Your characters and dialogue were very good as well. Nice job!
You caught me up in so many credible details that I never saw the end coming. Great writing, and a great title!
I was caught up beginning to end in this entertaining, suspenseful, and well-written read! Good job!
I agree with Joe 'Your characters and dialogue were very good'. Well done and a good read. Cheers Kel
I guessed the twist, but your characters were sweet. Well done.
Ooh A mystery and A suspense my two favorite genres. I was holding my breath the whole time At first I thought the officer was going to take him to a ballgame as a reward. I love it when I don't see the ending coming-

Congratulations for placing 6th in level 3!