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Interesting, for sure:) I can't wait until Jesus comes for us for good and takes us home! Then we won't have to wonder anymore. Oh happy day!
Enjoyed the ambivalence of the thought processes of the MC and the twist at the end. Nice job.
Wow! I think this is really special. Spot on topic, and interesting plot, I found your "colour" paragraph particularly beautifully written. I loved the sense of peace and beauty that you created throughout. Lovely writing!
I love your light touch and your grasp of the visuals here. It recalled for me an older man telling me of an accident that took him to the emergency room. He had got out of his wheelchair, to look out a window; where there were such rich colors outside. When he got back to the wheelchair, there were people all around him, all thrilled that he was back with them. And the window was a brick wall. "I can't wait to see that green again" he told me. Thanks for awakening that memory for me.
I like how you kept the action going even while describing the vision affecting all the senses. Your opening question is one even young Sunday school children can wonder about. One little girl, thinking we will just be singing all the time, told me it sounded "boring!" I hope she got the message that singing is just part of a grand adventure exploring everything Jesus has gone to prepare for us :)
Oh this reminds me of 1 Corinthians 2:9 “ Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”

I really enjoyed this story -Jamie’s conversation on this side and her peek at the other side was just wonderfully told!
Your piece entertained an area of writing style where angel fear to trod:-) Many
"voices", and you move from the declarative to the exclamatory with relative ease.

Consider a shorter title.

Very creative! I like it.

I was hooked when you started asking questions many of us think but don't say ... all praise all the time might make for a dull experience. Then you expanded our concept of praise in the lovely riff on color (tasting color, what a concept). Very fun.
Awesome originality, love the tasting colors, nice job!
Ooh this gives me chills as I had a near death experience last Thursday. I wish I'd read your piece first I may not have panicked before letting go and letting God. Great descriptions! Congratulations for ranking 7th in level 3!