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I really like this analogy of the fields and our bodies and it is so true, if people would only spend a fraction of time worrying about their souls as they do their bodies, what changes could come forth! Great job on this!
Thank you so much for not giving up this week. Your story encourages on more than one level. Lovely introspection!
I agree with Linda, well and you. If only we would stop worrying and fussing about our fields and start looking, searching and asking God to reveal the gem he created on the inside.
Excellent metaphor.
It is truly the inner beauty of both the field and the person that will shine.
All the external trappings will indeed come to nought.
An excellent piece - well written and interesting. Thanks!
This is a truly excellent devotional. I liked all the details of the fields.
Congratulations on such a cleverly-crafted entry, with its balance of encouragement and challenge.
Loved your story; very appropriate for this week's theme. I'm glad you didn't give up.
what a lovely parable/fable i love the story i love the title and i love the last bit where you draw it all together with relevance. it could be a childrens story and an adults one too.
I sure hope it is a winner.... you had some great feedback so far.
So many possibilities here for further exploration - children's story, youth devotional...The narrative flowed,and your POV was powerful. Great words of wisdom for us all.
Loved the thought provoking message here.
Congratulations for ranking 10th in level 3!