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I really like your comparisons and the lesson taught in this piece. Alot of truth here. Lord help us to be willing to take the time to not just get people saved but walk with them and be there along the way, to encourage and help in this life. Thank you for writing this. It's a very good reminder and thought provoking. I just feel sorry for Squeaker.:(
Very salient point about the "newly saved" having to watch and guide them to the safety of the Lord. I felt so bad for the little guy, other than that, I enjoyed it. God Bless~
What a wonderful comparison and message here, wonderfully presented in a powerful visual for sure…because even though I detest mice, I couldn’t help feeling very sorry for the little mouse devoured by his enemy! Excellent job on this!
You've 'lifted the lid' on an important issue of discipling, yet we need to avoid totally removing people from their potential mission field - so others in their circle of influence may be exposed to the freshness of their testimony. Just like Jesus urged the Gadarene demoniac (who wanted to cross to Galilee to be with the disciples) to go back and share what God had done for him.
I loved the positive challenge here.
Very well done! You have made a truly valid point with your analogy.
Wow great story about poor Squeaky. Then you connected it to a great message without sounding preachy. Nicely done.
Wow - this is really good. What an important lesson - I shall not forget your 'parable picture' so clearly and descriptively written. Thankyou
A well deserved first place win! Beautiful message, I loved it! God bless~
I love the story, really excellent hook. Congratulations on your EC!
Poor little mouse! Ridicilous really that a mouse would get my full sympathy and some people who really need it don't. Your story holds a mirror up to me... Actually, it flings the mirror right into my face ... and makes me feel ashamed of my insufficient support, in some instances. This story is so very powerful because it points to our shortcomings as fellow Christians but doesn't let us stand accused. The garbage can is a great symbol in itself. Escaping the 'garbage' just isn't the whole gospel ... This story would be very useful for discussing on the scope of evangelism and what an 'evangelistic strategy' should include! Definitely not only the Four Spiritual laws (see link: ttp://, although it is always good to know the basics well, too. :-)
Hi Helen,

I always enjoy reading your stories. You make an wonderful comparison between the mouse and the Christian.

My mother also learned about not releasing an animal into an unprotected environment. She released a baby mouse out into the field during the fall. It died of cold and malnurishment.