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Excellent, and a wonderful reminder of our escape route from shame.
nice! good flow, heavy message in a pleasuable read.
I wonder why this heavy burden continues to rest on the shoulders of women.
Wow, this was powerful. Their guilt must have been unimaginable, but praise God for our Savior!
Excellent! You managed to convey very well the pain and guilt Eve must have felt, and the desire to bring pain on herself in punishment for her part in the sin. Ouch!!
Wonderful job. Nothing has changed since then, has it? I can relate to Eve and so many moms can relate to blaming themselves for their children's sins.
This powerful piece is so rich in meaning, and written with eloquence that I can see each character, and feel each emotion. It is heart-rending and thought-provoking.
This is probably the most emotional and emotive story in the OT, and you did'nt flinch. The powerful expressions of love and guilt were conveyed very strongly, and we feel absolute sympathy with Eve. Would like to have seen more of Adam's sense of guilt drawn out, though he is right to remind his wife that Cain is responsible for his own sin, and this gives the piece good balance. Great stuff. God bless.
Your description of Eve's pain and feelings of guilt was powerful. Well done.
Powerful story. Well done!
"It didn't hurt enough." says it all. You convey these truths with powerful words and skill. Very good work.
Wow! I didn't read that in my Bible! Just kidding:) I love the way you fleshed out the characters into people we can identify with (through anguish from our own sins) and mourn for. Thank God that we now have relief in Jesus Christ. Excellent article!
Eve's character and reality came alive with the touch of your pen! Excellent!
WOW! Great description of her anguish! You took her feelings and delivered them with such depth! great job!
Wow. Ditto to EVERYTHING every one said here. I was almost in tears.
Superb! You've written a gut-wrenchingly accurate portrayal of what Eve must have been feeling/thinking--what we all feel and think when we sin against God. Thank you for writing this--it touched my spirit.
I don't know if I've ever given much thought to how Eve must have felt about Cain leaving - losing Abel, yes, but Cain, no. Yet both were her sons. You've done a fantastic job of bringing this to life. And as others have said, we can all relate to it. A truly superb piece. Well done.
I love how you formed Adam and Eve into relatable characters. Wonderfully written; pulls at any mother's heartstrings and reminds us of the importance and necessity of adhering to God's words. Blessings.