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This is a brilliant, well-written piece about the crucifixes and I feel like I'm right there. However I totally missed the topic in this piece.But the message is profound.
Great reminder of the Christ of His sacrifice on the cross! Nicely done! God bless!
What a vivid and powerful account of the repentant thief on the cross! Was the topic in this piece, his mind a search engine, searching for answers as he hung there? At any rate, his search for truth was over and his last breath meant new life with Jesus! Enjoyed this.
I'm afraid the entry did not fit the topic even though it is a powerful story of the repentant thief. Well-written oherwise.
Great job, and well -written. It brought me to the place and time, nicely doen. God Bless~
This story seen from the eyes of the other who chose Christ while on the cross reminds me of an article I wrote, 'At the Cross.' In it, I mentioned that I often wonder how the thief hanging on the cross next to Jesus dramatically change from being cynical to a convert. What did Jesus do at the cross that change the criminal so amazingly within that short span of time? You've conveyed in this story the answer to the missing link.
This is a beautiful piece. I can only imagine you wept tears of both sorrow and joy as you wrote it.
This was very graphic and drew me right in. An excellent piece of work. Unfortunately the boards stated that it had to be about a computer search engine but that doesn't detract from the skillful way in which this was written.