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Good reminder to be vigilant on keeping our focus on God's word. I like the way you pulled it all together. The only thing I didn't like was the Title. I felt it came off a little too strong and maybe could have been toned down abit to draw more people in. Overall, thanks, nice effort.
Your Title is what drew me in! The first six paragraphs were excellent, interesting and kept me glued. Then, (in my opinion plus my short attention span), it got bogged down and I lost interest. I would have liked you to immediately go directly to the one and only TRUE Search Engine..."THE BIBLE".
I liked that you picked the word "Heaven" to search, very interesting and unique. Nicely done.
Phenomenal job! - I have only praise for this brilliant piece of work.

Very Clever- and the topic was obviously used in an ingenious fashion. I loved the entire message about God. He is our first, last and everything. It is His Word, that truly means anything in this world.

Congrats on bringing it all together. God Bless~
I agree with Marilyn: This essay hooked me from the first line, got me sitting up and reading attentively, and then about the seventh paragraph I started to slouch. I remember something from one of Jan's writing classes here on FaithWriters, I won't remember it exactly, but it was something like, when you write non fiction you have to be careful to be nonbiased, or rather be careful not to 'tell' the reader what he or she ought to do. The first half of the piece shows your message clearly without telling anyone what to do -- we get to figure that out for ourselves, which makes it that much more exciting.

Well done overall and my favorite paragraph is the one beginning with "Now..."
This was an interesting read and a good use of the topic. The beginning was spectacular and held my interest. The message is a good one. I did find myself having a harder time near the end. It almost felt like too much information. But it was well-written and a good message.
Interesting piece. Great writing! I really enjoyed this! God bless!
Interesting article. I got a little bogged down toward the end. Perhaps smaller paragraphs would better appeal to the reader's eye and make for easier reading. Great message.
I really enjoyed this message! And unlike some of the others, I did not get bogged now at the end at all, in fact the last three paragraphs were my favorite as they held so much truth to me that needs saying in this accept everything society we live in today! I think you did an excellent job in not only writing on topic, but in presenting a well written, powerful message in gentle way!
I enjoyed this for its scope and its humour; and then for its honesty. Perhaps a more invitational approach towards the end would work better, for in Christ we have the living truth rather than a belief which needs us to prop it up until the end of time.
I totally agree with you that "It's easy to be daunted by the onslaught of information we are up against." Searching for God using a search engine is rarely useful or successful in getting us to what we are searching. Too many false teachings are trying to converge and unify various religions into one as the same way to reaching God, but none, apart from the Christian faith, mentioned a personal God and the only Way. May we be the light to the world that shows to those who are seeking and searching, the path to salvation in Christ.
Congratulations for ranking 6th in level 3!