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You have a delightful sense of humor and I chuckled throughout. I did notice several little errors that a challenge buddy or critique group would pick up on.

It was definitely on topic and quite creative. I delight in your whimsy.

A few sentences could be reworded to help the story flow smoother. For example: Bowing before a synthetic throne, afraid a smile might erupt by glancing at the brick replacing a missing imitation gold leg.
might flow better like this: The minion stifled a smile when his eyes detected a brick that had replaced a gold leg on the boss' throne.
I also noted an incomplete sentence or two.

The message was divine (tongue in cheek :) How true it is that these modern day gadgets take up our time and ultimately leave us with less time with God.
Hehehe this is very cute and creative.

It seemed that thee was a bit of a discrepancy.... Your first MC noticed the brick instead of a leg, and yet later both say they didn't look at his throne.

Nice job.... Though I do think blogs CAN be used for God's purposes as well. Not that I think you were saying that blogs were only bad. Just thought I'd point that out. You did a great job of pointing out their potential dangers.
You've had some fun with this, so thanks for sharing it.
This was cute and a fun read. It held my interest throughout. Nicely done. God bless~
Clever and fun take on the topic. You did quite well! Enjoyed this. God bless!
What a delightful play on words. I loved the shamelessly arrogant AOG and his rascally minions.

So many fun phrases to enjoy.

I just have one question.

Um, "five inch floppy" ???!!!

El. Oh. El.
An interesting read, and a unique approach on the topic! Good job on creativity and story idea.