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What excellent dialect in your dialog! Wow! I could hear the sisters' conversation in my mind as I read. Great job!
I agree, the dialogue is excellent! We all should be able to come to one another when their is a problem and find resolution with God's help. Thanks for the wonderful story:)
Very well-done; writing like this is hard, and you made it just flow. And I've read Proverbs several times, but that particular verse never resonated with me before. Thanks for your unique take on this topic.
This is a prescious story, with such a great message. I loved the dialogue, and how the message of Proverbs came shining through. God bless ya, littlelight PS: I am also of Irish descent!
How fresh and engaging! I could hear the music of the sister's dialect and even read it aloud to enjoy!
I certainly enjoyed this story! Wonderful!
I loved this. The dialogue has such a musical and soothing quality. You've managed to capture the time and setting so well. Well done.
Excellent! This was a joy to read!
A story well told through dialogue.
The dialogue eloquently brought out the Proverbs quote and made 'Maggie's Mission' successful. Well done.
You should have heard me reading this with my best attempt at a Gaelic accent! LOL Great story!
Anita, I'm just popping in to let you know that you were in the top 30 entries this week - ranking 14th out of 147. Well done! Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
You really brought that verse to life, Anita. Well done!!! I love the way you used the name 'Maggie' and 'Margaret' to sum up the change in her ladyship! Great work.