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What a wonderful way to tell the story! You wrote it well.
This really is beautifully written. One tiny change: I don't think you need the asterisks. The passage of time is not that large between paragraphs, and it's easy to follow your beautiful writing without them. If you wished, you could use transitional words, but really, the story flows very well. A unique POV with beautiful use of the symbolism of rain. Thanks!
Beautifully symbolic and very creative. I agree that the asterisks are unnecessary. Overall an extremely well-written piece. Well done.
I am ever in awe of writers who can do Biblical Fiction! Well written, I especially loved the paragraph about her view of reaching for Jesus: "She saw His sandals first, and then His robe...Dozens of legs and feet got in her way..." Brilliant!
I'm glad you told this story from the woman's pov, it made an old story interesting again. I liked how you said she had to prepare herself to go out both physicaly and mentally. Very insightful.
Ooooh, thank you for bringing us into this woman's head. I'll never read that story in the same way. Beautiful!!!
What a great interpretation of the Woman with the issue of blood. Sometimes it feels like we as Christians let our reserves run dry and then we are thirsting after the Master for "just a touch of his garment." Wonderful piece:)
Well told from her point of view. I wouldn't have thought to have it raining.
Just for clarification, the rain in this piece is completely figurative, not literal. :-)
Wonderful! Just wonderful! I was right there with her crawling in desperation. (see - you are loved! ;) )
"Today would be the day; she was certain of it."
See message boards for further comment..
I like how you tied rain into the story! :-)
Interestingly told and well written. I was wondering about the rain, thinking I hadn't noticed it before. Now I understand its figurative use. Well done.
Oh, so wonderfully written, putting the reader right in her sandals! I agree, I'll never hear or read the Biblical account now in quite the same way!
Wow! Very well written! I really enjoyed this view of the woman. Thanks for sharing!
Lynda, I'm baaaack! Be encouraged again dear friend. You ranked 11th out of 147 entries. You are definitely an excellent, consistent writer and deserve to be congratulated! Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)