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Jehovah Jireh ... God really does provide for our every need! This story goes to show us that He sometimes provides in ways that we wouldn't have expected, even in the midst of tragedy.
Cute story!
This was a really nice story that left me feeling good! Great ending, and Praise the Lord-He does provide for all of our needs doesn't He?
Good job - God Bless~
This is so poignant and beautiful. I love Granny! I love her heart and her wisdom, the way she understands that her walk with God is vulnerable to others' sin, but only if she allows it to be! I love that she thinks of the bank employee with kindness, not anger. And I LOVE the ending! Our God does have everything in His awesome hands, and He will make a way for all things, for His purposes and for the blessing of those who love Him!

I love your writing heart is singing ;-)
Great look into Granny's heart. I love the way God builds his surprises into life for everyone involved in wanting to follow him. He amazes us all with himself.
:) Oh, I love this.

Nice way to wrap it up in the end. Though I do hope the MC (fictional or not :)) gets her money back. Nice job making the characters so easy to relate to.
No matter the circumstance, we can count on God to provide. This assuring message comes through in your story very well. Interesting read and nice plot.
I love this story. It really tugged at my heart. Great job of writing a gripping on-topic story.

I was confused who the MC was. You switched from third person to first and back again.

The ending was great. I love the message that God answers prayers but not always the way we might expect. Nicely done.
What a touching, moving story. I just loved Granny's spirit and her outlook on things. I loved the ending and that things worked out for Molly. I agree with Shann though, on the switching back and forth between first and third person. Otherwise, a delightful story. God bless!
Congrats! God Bless~
Congrats on getting Highly Commended! Granny's story is inspiring. :)