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This was a fun entry! I enjoyed the cocky prison banter. I hope that brilliant hacker comes to know Jesus so he can use his smarts for something constructive. ;)
Great job with putting a creative spin on the topic! Made me feel like I was watching Mission Impossible or something. :)
Wow - so ingenious and so complex...I really liked this whole story. It held me captive. The thought process into creating this piece must have been exhausting! Nicely done. God Bless~
I started to read this article earlier but found it so involved; I decided to come back when I had more time to read. I'm glad that I returned. Well done!
Oh wow. It's a scary thought to think of how computer technology has come at times. Nice job with this one.

An interesting story and excellent plot. Well done!
Wow this is so creative! I enjoyed it so much. You held my attention from beginning to end. I love this idea and think you should take it and run with it. I sense a novel followed by a movie!