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Adorable! Loved the personifying of computer programs. I was a little confused as to the lack of periods around "Mrs" and "Mr" though.
But all in all, this story appears to be "virus free" --well, sort of. ;)
LOL, cute! I like the personification of the computer 'stuff' and especially liked the voice of the 'worm' described as being a clicking sound--like typing fingers. LOL, good one.
This was so good! I really liked the creativity that went into this clever piece. Good job.
I really liked this line:
"You let me in." Its voice just sort of...eminated...from its being, sounding very much like the clicking of typing fingers."

Nice job with this. Thanks.
God Bless~
Oh, I like this. I especially like the names of your characters.
Original take on the topic and a fun read.

On a side note, you used the word "past" instead of "passed" twice.

This story held my interest and I enjoyed all the subliminal tie in's to "Word" and "Windows" and what not. ;)

Great job. I suspect this one will place well.

A good portrayal of a worm virus and how owners are often unaware of the danger until it is too late. Interesting take on the topic.
This is a great read. You did the topic justice with your tongue in cheek humor. Even if I hadn't recognized your clever word twists, I would have realized that words like past are British for what we Americans would use as passed. The honour instead of honor gave it away! As always, I love your humor. I may have suggested you be more subtle with the name (especially microsoft) but since I've been befuddled by your play on words before, I understand why you did it so obviously!