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Member Comments
Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I am laughing so hard over here! I loved this whole entry. Great moments in time! I especially loved the "CHO" one! Priceless.

Good job. God Bless~
Oh wow! It's a very brave person who can share of such personal moments of shame with a smile on their face!

I loved your descriptions, especially describing the "Cho!" incident; but mostly I loved the end and its significance for us as Jesus' brothers and sisters. There is no shame in Him! What a wonderful thing to know and hold on to. Well done!
Oh, I so enjoyed this. I'm laughing so hard.
Thoroughly me! LOL. I can so relate! Love the lesson at the end.
You'd better believe it!!!
This was fantastic, both in its panorama of pain and in the way you nailed it with such a reassuring close.
Well done.
PS It may be that while you don't suffer from stress, yu could well be a carrier....
Brava! This was wonderful.

I loved the two opening stories (the "CHO" moment and the "playing footsie with your brother-in-law"). I admire the life perspective you bring to these moments and applaud your father's wisdom.

I especially liked the comment about how being able to laugh at yourself in these moments turns one from being a "victim" into a "victor."

Very nicely done!
Almost forget ... I REALLY liked the spiritual application at the end. Wonderfully woven together.
This is delightful! You had me giggling while presenting a perfect message. Nice job with the topic.
What a delightful read...great humor and wisdom!
01/23/12 mean CHO is not part of the lyrics??!! lol Well written and fun read! God bless!

Now that's embarrassing!

Great application of the theme.
Such a fun entry and a nice message at the end. Be careful of referencing the competition in the story - I'd much rather see those words dedicated to more descriptions of the anecdotes you came up with. You have a fun voice that is easily readable.
Isn't being human fun! HA HA! The condition is universal - and I love your daddy's advice - precious.
This was a fun read - just my cup of tea! Thanks!
Such a fun person you are, and you told it all so well, including the encouragement at the end. I really enjoyed it.
Congratulations for ranking 8th in level three!