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This was a fun read. You have more courage than I do but what a delightful fun memory to create with your granddaughter.

Remember to capitalize Mamawl as it is being used as a proper name.

You did a wonderful job developing your characters and making me feel like I was a part of your adventure with your dialog and delightful descriptions.
I love this! I can just imagine them sitting in the car giggling. I love the connection between the grandma and her grandchild; what beautiful memories they are building. And yes, I love that they would be bold enough to do fact, it makes me want to go through a drive-thru just to try it! Well done!
What a completely enjoyable read. It made me want to coin a phrase ... "Fast Food Routlette." That is SO funny (and so true).

The relationship between the grandmother and granddaughter is so moving and inspiring. It warms your heart. Thanks for sharing it with us!
LOL! I smiled the entire time I read this.

Still smiling.
Good job! Nice story and made me smile. God Bless~
What fun this was! Not all grandkids get such a special time with Grandma. Well done and inspiring!
Oh, I love this!

My only "red ink" comment, and it is very minor, is to try to avoid typing all in caps, even if it's just for a small part... Show us her excitement instead: "I can't stand it! What did we get this time?" she asked, her pony tail bouncing up in down in rhythm. Or something like that.

This reminds me of one of the driving exam people.... In high school we had nick names for them, and one was "them mumbler." You could barely understand what he said, but as long as you got back to the driver's bureau, you passed. ;) Or so the rumor goes. Very nice job on this.
This was a wonderful story! I felt like I was right there with the grandma and her grandaughter. Nice job!
This was so fun to read.
Good job.
My daughter's been to one of these places. giggle. Sounds like such a fun adventure... as long as I know I like everything on the menu. Fun story.
Fun read and what wonderful memories you are creating for your grandaughter. She's a lucky girl. I too am unable to understand a thing those people say on the speakers. I usually just order, say thank you, and pull ahead before they have time to ask questions. Thanks for sharing and keep making those memories!
Entertaining and fun read. Love how silly things often make such great memories. Well done.