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Much like an epic, this is a story poem. A touch here and there and much can be done with this. Thanks for posting.
I 'hear' music accompaniment to this! Would make a beautiful Resurrection Day reading. Beautiful!
I like this poem. The movement matches the mood of the poem, and the jeers of the drinkers were drowned with their fears.
This is such a great poem. You never disappoint.
I love this poem. Despite the insults, Noah held fast to God's instructions. We should hold up so well when people criticize us and what we stand for! We can learn much from the ones who have gone before... Thanks for such a well written poem:)
Note form the author: Thank you all for the wonderfully encouraging comments. I am experimenting a little in this poem with the concept that it is about two Biblical figures at the same time. If anyone picked up on that I'd be thrilled. If not, well, it was an attempt anyway! Haha! (And please, don't hold back on specific criticisms.)
This one gave me chills -amazing!!!Loved the image of the bows and arrows!
Yes -I did catch the double meaning - I kept debating if it was about Jesus or Noah -then I finally realized it was both - again amazing!
Phew! I thought I'd missed something when I read the comment about Noah - I thought it was about Jesus. A second reading made it clearer. Well done!
Wow. Again you come through with another awesome entry! I really enjoyed this!
Wonderful poem!
That was REALLY clever! And an excellent title too. I thought it was about Jesus, but was left thinking, "There wasn't a literal storm though..." then it clicked that it was Noah then I went back and realized it was both. VERY skillful! Well done!