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I like the idea of making an appointment with God. It is far more important than the dentist or the hair appt. I do pray and worship in the car and have read my devotions while waiting for the doctor to call my name. It's extra time with God and makes me not resent waiting.

Write out the word doctor instead of abbreviating it unless it's part of the name like Dr. Smith. Also don't capitalize doctor or dentist unless it is a substitute for a name.

I think you did a great job writing on topic. I liked your message too. The ending brought the story full circle.
I am sitting here giggling as I read this, as I have, indeed, tried the red-light devotional times! As a once-off, well I suppose it's getting the Word into me, but it's definitely not quality time with my Father.

You have written so beautifully what many of us can relate to; I like that you don't scold, but find a solution! It seems so simple and yet I missed it, (but then my middle name is 'organised chaos'!). Well done.
This was spot for the topic at hand. You presented an excellent entry - with an important message. That no matter what is going on - we MUST make time for GOD. He makes everything else make sense in our lives. I cannot fully operate during my day without first consulting with my Father and His word, every morning.

Thank you for this and its clear message you conveyed.

God Bless~
Very nice article. We all have struggled with making time for God and I like how you took us through the day to day and your solution. Sometimes we all get a thunk on the head. Well done!
Definitely some good reminders here. I chuckled a bit at the "red light Bible reading plan." :) Nice job with this one.
I'm so glad this happens to others too! But keeping our appointments with Him will either make or break our day!

I call it "getting up on my Daddy's lap"

Very nicely written! Thanks for the encouragement.
Thanks for the food for thought. I often do the same thing but never thought about it like that.
Making a recurring appointment for God. That's brilliant.

You might find it interesting that this piece exposed some of my most annoying faults. Given the choice between hair and teeth I'd choose hair in a heartbeat. I was shocked when the MC gave teeth a higher priortiy. Then I realized the shocking perception was mine.

I was grateful the MC gave up the stop light Bible reading plan. This is the sort of fire by trial God continually uses against (on? toward?) me. I grow insane, chanting from inside my car, "Remember, slow to anger. Patience is a virtue. Don't honk. She'll notice the light. Any second now, she'll notice the light. Is she--reading!"

Okay, so I'm off to pray, for myself, and to make my own appointment with God.
Certainly the article speaks to all of us who never seem to have the time for what's most important. I would possibly try combining the last two paragraphs into one. Some of the thoughts seem a bit redundant. Good read though. Thanks, gotta go make an appointment with God!
Haircut over dentist every time for me! In fact I'd put anything before dentist -
horrid little torture chambers! I don't drive so I don't do the red light stop but my best idea was reading God's word as soon as I sat up in bed each morning. Problem there was I always needed the loo - and that HAD to take priority! You know there's no easy answer to this dilemma is there? Anyhow, thanks for writing this. I now know I'm not alone!
I loved this because we all struggle with organizing and prioritizing our time. This was excellent. God bless!
Congratulations for ranking 8th in level 3!