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What a neat article. By the time I was halfway through, my appetite was peaking...loved the analogy of the what God can do with what we perceive is a worthless mess. Well done.
Oh I really loved this entry. Excellent job...well written and filled with beautiful messages throughout. I loved this last line:
“You, my Lord, can fix this; show me what you want me to do.” It will be an experiment that will end for your good, I promise."

Thank you for this entry.
God Bless you~
This is a great devotion. I enjoyed the true life experience and how you turned it into a wonderful spiritual message.
This story is soooo something I would do! I hate to waste or throw good food away, so make it into something delectable. My daughter Heather takes crumbled cake and makes lolli-cakes, very vogue now and she sells bouquets of lolli-cakes for special events. Thanks for this fun, well written story! God bless!
CRUMBS! What an interesting and tasty analogy. Well done!
This was good. Now my sweet tooth is calling.
Such tremendous wisdom in this powerful message. I also like the teamwork and interaction between the MC and her daughter. It felt warm and like home. A wonderfully written piece!
Love the fact that your creativity and sense of fun did not 'dessert' you when you discovered you'd msde such a serious miscake.
Congratulations on the "Highly Commended" recognition!
Congratulations Annie on your placement! Great job.

God bless~
Yay Annie! Good job! Congrats! God bless!
Congratulations on your highly commended! This is a beautiful piece, wonderfully yummy, and not at all crummy.