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Thank you for this touching story that "spoke to my heart personally." My niece was diagnosed when she was 2 years old with diabetes...she was in a coma for a while.

After that news, my sister vowed to find a cure and be proactive in research. She is an RN. Her husband was gone after the Viet Nam war, so she raised her alone. But they got through it together.

My niece is now 43 years old. She has struggles with the disease, but is an expert in her field as an RN who teaches all about Diabetes.

Thank you for bringing this "silent disease" to the forefront. I pray all will be well with the little girl.

God Bless you all~

So glad you didn't let diabetes tell you that you were sick. Thank you for sharing such a personal story.
This is awesome. You did a great job putting your feelings into words and making us feel what you were feeling. Nice job.
This is exceptional! Such a beautiful message to bring and told from the heart. Such amazing parents, to give the most wonderful advice to their daughter, to CHOOSE her attitude! The best kind of advice for all of us in life, to choose the way we will live our lives.

I am so thankful for this testimony, and indeed for the author, too. Blessings, Helen.
You did a great job with showing us what you were feeling during this time. You put me right there. VERY nicely done!
Well written. I liked how you "showed" what was happening, just just tell what was happening. The dress hanging like an empty sack is so much better than saying Sissy lost weight. I don't quite get the title though. Did I miss something about false teeth?
Really great job expressing the feelings, emotional and physical! And also in pointing out the symptoms to look for, not by listing them, but by working them into the story. Love the ending! (so, do you also have false teeth like you wished for? :) )
Personal and true stories of faith in the face of obstacles always touch the heart, and this one touched mine.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story...

Enjoy those false teeth, you're blessed to have lived long enough to need them. :) smile!
Your story was outstanding for the emotional journey it took the reader on and for the message.
Wonderful story. I love the father's advice and the little girl's determination. Well done! God Bless.
Your story...and your life...are quite an achievement. Good for you for your determination. Well-told and inspiring!
I really enjoyed your story! It kept my interest and was very well written. Thanks so much!
This would make a terrific hand-out for young people struggling with the diagnosis. Very gripping descriptions and a young patient could relate to your MC. The advice given by the father is a powerful message. Thanks for sharing.
I echo everything that has been said and then some. My wife was diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago and the impact was devastating. But your determination reminds me of hers. Extremely well written - a clear and consistent tone of victory throughout!
Though my diagnosis came much, much later in life you had me with you from the beginning. You showed every part of the experience. I assume the title refers to living long and prospering?
A story that moves and breaks the heart. Thank you for candidly sharing this. I can comprehend the struggles some of us are going through in caring for the sick because I had lost a loved one to diabetes too. May God comfort and bless you and yours.