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I found your entry moving and challenging. I can't help hoping it wins!
You have a beautiful style of writing and easy flow to your stories.

Excellent job of bringing the "horror" to your readers of what some Christians endure in Jesus Christ's name. I thank God all the time for being able to express it in a country that allows us to do so.

Powerfully executed. Thank you. This will be noticed by the judges.

God Bless~
Wonderful and inspiring! A unique Easter celebration indeed. Thanks for writing it.
This is such a touching story. It has a powerful message that we who are fortunate to live in a safe country often forget. It reminded me of my daughter telling of her mission trip. They went to meet a lady who had raised all of her children while living in the city dump. When they first arrived, my daughter wondered how she would ever see God in a horrible place like that. Her hostess changed it and she said it was the closet she had ever felt God. I'm sure you, too have looked into starving people's eyes and seen God. What a gift and how wonderful to share it with us.

I will admit it took me a few readings to realize that a dirty joke is what we might call a practical joke but even though it took me a bit to realize it your story shined through. I could empathize with the language barriers and one of the messages in this story is that the language of God's love is universal.
"...during a familne wasn't about food, it was about family..." We are so blessed in America, and so often take it for granted. This was an excellent story and well written. God bless!
Beautifully written! A heart moving story, even before I knew it was non-fiction. The fact that it was 'real' made it all the more precious.

Well done.
Thanks for sharing this with us. The entry was such an effortless read that I simply started and, before I knew it, I was at the end. I got just a small taste of these characters and wanted so much to read more abou them. Very nice job!
I enjoyed being reminded that each culture sees things so differently; and it's because our experiences are so different. Would we be able to turn such a horrific experience and simply look at it as a 'dirty joke'? One wonders?

Well written and thought provoking.
An interesting and challenging read, and very well written.
Your entry moved me to tears; talk about these people's "reasonable service!" Your article was very well written with your ability to bring the reader into what's going on and equal dialogue between your characters. I enjoyed this very much. Excellent!
This excellently told story will linger in my heart.
Your personal missionary experiences are opening my spiritual eyes to God's work in distant lands. This is such a beautiful illustration of those who have suffered for the cause of Christ. They literally rejoice always!

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