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Great job! Makes me want to go make Jesus His own cake. Such a wealth of truth in so few words.
Beautiful job.

Yes, Christianity is not a religion, but it is in fact a REALITY. I always tell this to people who mention "religion."

Thank you for this entry, it was well written and told.

God bless~

This is a beautiful devotion. The scripture is perfect. I like how you told a personal experience and related to our walk with God. I could really understand this as my daughter's birthday is near Christmas and she often gets one present for both. It's easy to mush everything together but you reminds us not to do that, especially our time with God. Well said!
Good points and good writing. Our special loved ones need us to treat them as such, and our Dear Lord Jesus deserves our attention and our time.
Such a simple yet profound devotional. I can relate to this so much; religion and 'doing' is so much easier than relationship, and 'being' - not only with God but with people in my life, too. And somehow, when we are busy doing, we feel justified; and yet as your scripture tells us, God loves sitting with us more than watching us strive for his approval. Thank you so much for this beautiful entry. Blessings.
An awesome devotional with a great reminder that we shouldn't get so busy that we neglect our fellowship and relationship with God. God bless!
This was so well written and delivers your point excellently. We shouldn't skimp on our loved ones and we shouldn't include God on an excursion and call it a "date". You've called attention to something we probably all are guilty of, simply because it is such an easy trap to fall into. Thanks for pointing it out. Hopefully I'll remember your article the next time I'm about to do this again...I give myself at least 10 minutes. :)
Great devotional!

We should never spend more time doing things FOR Him, than we spend time WITH Him.

Thanks for the reminder!
I enjoyed this true story and would have loved to have tried a piece of that chololate cake.
"Christianity isnít a religion, itís a relationship."

This is my favourite point about about the whole 'God' issue, and you make this point so well in your intimate family setting.
You've presented in your excellent devotional a call to place our attention on Jesus first.
Congratulations for ranking 7th in level three!