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This is such a sweet story. I could picture every scene in my head. What a beautiful message you included. There is something powerful about the bond of sisters. Only a sibling will truly be able to understand. From cradle to grave a sister should always be there when darkness falls.
A very good story, and especially to know that it's true. This is well written too. Thanks for sharing it.
Wonderful story, it touched my heart. Made me think of my sister with a smile...and like another story this week about sisters- makes me want to take the three hour trip to visit her this weekend!

Nicely done. God bless~
A very compelling read that tugs at your heart. When I realized it was true, and yours, I cheered and I honor you for opening your heart and taking these lovely angels in. This was a wonderfully written story!
I applaud you for your great big heart full of love and compassion for these dear little ones. Thanks for sharing this tender, moving story! God bless!
Such a touching story...
I could sense the feelings of the children and you who came to their rescue. While serving as a houseparent at a Children's Home, three young brother's were brought into our home one night, frightened and confused. We soon learned the oldest felt responsible for his younger brothers. Unless my memory fails me, he even had been given their social security numbers. You have given new meaning to "Three is a crowd;" it was their lifeline!
A moving story that touches the heart. Glad the three are able to stay together in your care. Thank you for sharing this. God bless.
A moving and uplifting example of how God's plans and our plans are not often the same...but guess which ALWAYS works out for the best? In particular I love how you show us the hearts of these chidren. Great job.
Great story! The beginning grabbed my attention right away and you held my intrest the whole way through. Believable dialogue too.
I only had one problem with this story; it ended. A happy ending, but I just wanted to read more.

An excellent real life 'Show and Tell'.
Congrats! God Bless~
Congratulations on your third place ribbon and for placing 13th overall! Happy dance!!!