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I really enjoyed this piece and could relate to it in so many ways. First, I can't sew a button to save my life. I also know how hard marriage can be.

The only thing I might suggest is to save exclamation points for dialog and not to use all caps to express your point. Instead use "salsa words" to do your exclaiming.

I think you did an outstanding job of writing on topic. This wasn't an easy topic to master this week but you did while delivering a strong message.

I loved your title as I read through to the end of the story. It makes a great point, and certainly could be true.
Very creative story. I really enjoyed made me smile and gave me pause to reflect. Nicely done.

God Bless~
This was wonderful! I loved how the story easily flowed and was filled with visual insights into the MC's emotional journey. The solid wisdom it taught was conveyed so gently yet with power. And ... I loved the ending (but I always do like happy ones). Excellent piece!
This story portrays a great message. I love the reference to buttons, and the MC as a child, always pooping the buttons off her coat. Good job. God bless!
This was such a cleverly written article with a powerful message presented in a readable way. I hope I can remember it for a long time. My mother is a lovely person and loved my father with all of her heart, but, wow, what a nag she could be sometimes. Finally, one day when i was sik of her nagging him, I asked Dad to take a walk with me. "How can you stand her nagging, Dad?" His answer, "Oh, Honey, your mother has so many good qualities, I just don't think about the rest." The key to their 59 years together. Thanks for this memory your beautifully done article brought back to me this morning.
This is a delightful and powerful story. Your descriptions are beautiful, and I loved the opening line. You grabbed my attention right from the start and had me on the edge of my chair the whole way through.

This reminds me of how God writes beautiful themes through our lives; the lost buttons of a little girl's jacket were the tool of God's rescue many years later. And what a superbly wise lesson this is for all of us, in all of our relationships, to keep Jesus in the mix! You definitely hit the topic spot-on. Really well done.
A nicely written piece and an interesting read. I like the message within your story and the way you put it across to your readers. Excellent job!
A good opening which became an easy to read story from begining to end. I like it when 'hope' creeps over the windowsill and catches the attention. You portrayed that well.
Your analogy of three threads for buttons and marriage was perfect for this very well written story.
Wow, what a great submission. I can't think of one I've read this that was more compelling. The distance you put between the buttons of your MC's childhood and the current marriage problems revealed so much about her lifelong difficulty with grasping this concept. I especially loved how you let us witness he thougt process in uncovering the missing strand from their marriage and we got to witness that "a-ha" moment in her life. What a great job you did with this story and this topic. Thanks!
This is cute.

Try to limit !'s to dialogue. Also, use of all caps should be rare. Italics is a better way to emphasize a single word.

I loved the line about the button looking for a place to jump off. :)
This was a wonderfully creative way to introduce the Threefold Cord topic!

I literally Laughed Out Loud, when you described the button head down, looking for a place to fall! Hilarious!

Great ending!

I really like how you brought your button analogy together with marriage. Great job. I'm so glad it ended on a good note too;)
Well written story. I like how you showed the MC's thoughts, remembering Mom's advice and willingness to try again. Loved the double meaning in the ending!
I was taken in by concern for the mc, and began to instantly relate to her spiritual relationship issues. So often we practice a religion and not a relationship with the Father. Your article served as a good reminder. Thanks.
Congrats! :) God Bless~