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What a great testimony to the goodness of God and His generosity to His children with His great riches!
Sounds like a fun trip. It makes me want to go to Israel - bad (regardless of the bumpy ride)!
An amazing story of how accurate the description of Abraham, to son Isaac. Jehovah Jireh, God provides!

Wing His Words!
It's amazing how you can open my eyes to a different world and make me feel like I am right there beside you taking it all in. This is spot on the topic and a beautiful read.
I love true stories and this is a very good one. Well written and an enjoyable read. God certainly was Jehovah Jireh to the two girls. God bless!
What a wonderful story... I simply loved it. The entire piece had me smiling and it touched my heart. Loved it.
Thank you.

GOD Bless~
Interesting, good writing, and great testimony to God's faithfulness and goodness. Thank you for sharing this.
A great story. Probably just me, but I got a bit confused when their friend asked if they were ready to return to Israel, but then they were off to America.

I know the word limit makes it impossible, but I would have loved to know more. A good sign that I was enjoying the testimony.

Well done.
It's very cool how God always takes care of our needs and wants. Thank you for sharing!
Thank you~~Thank you~~Thank you!

I NEVER get tired of hearing how our Father honors those who walk by FAITH not by sight!

And when we do, He supplies ALL our needs, and gives us the delights of our hearts (even sugar) Yes!

I'm here..."laughing, hands clapping, and (my)feet ready to leave the floor" loved that line <3.

A good, interesting, worthwhile and challenging true account. Very well written - thank you!
This was such a wonderful and "rich" testimony to the true "richness" of our Lord. I enjoyed traveling with you and loved how you brought us right back there. Well done!
A nicely written testimony of what it truly means by our God shall supply all our needs according to His riches in glory. Thank you for sharing this. God bless.