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This is a great retelling of that verse. You brought it to life and I enjoyed picturing what his day might have been like. (Though now I do have that old Sunday School song stuck in my head!:)

I paused for a minute when he mentioned to Lazazus that he wasn't at his service and wondered if they had funerals back then. But that's no biggie.

You did a nice job of grabbing me from the beginning and holding me to the end.
I enjoyed the richness of character you put into these people! It is a familiar tale, yet you held me in suspense. I knew the tax collector would be scaling that tree, yet you made me yearn for it, delighting in every step that led this moment.

This narrative is just delightful! I love how the Bible stories are intertwined to form one lovely, happy path leading to Jesus Christ!

I enjoyed how the characters worked together to point to the riches added to their lives by our Lord!
I really loved this whole thing. A very clever entry and I so enjoyed reading it.

Thank you. GOd Bless~
Great job, you brought the bible story alive and gave us a “personal” look at Zacchaeus’s day…on the day he discovered what true riches were. Enjoyed the read very much.
What a rich and wonderfully fresh perspective you brought to this familiar bible story. I could see it fully illustrated and in a Sunday School lesson - giving a fresh new connection to all ages. Nice job!
Wonderful rendition of this great story. I loved it! Well written and enjoyable to read. God bless!
You've made this biblical story vividly memorable. Nice touch!