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A sudden illness is a severe test, dealing with frequent relapses can be very discouraging. Those who suffer with undiagnosed illnesses need our continued prayers and support. So glad this had a happy ending.

Wing His Words!
Wow! My heart just ached for you! So happy that the suffering finally ended. God bless you immensely! Thanks for sharing this well written story.
Wow - I felt so connected to this story, praying for the pain and suffering to end for the MC. This was a powerful read that grip the reader with anticipation, along with trepidation...wondering what the conclusion would be.

Thank you for sharing this well written & poignant story with us.

God BLess~
This reminded me of God's faithfulness in answering our questions with something as "insignificant' as letting us spy as tiny bug to get the knowledge we need.

Ugh, but I suffered with the MC and felt the pain and suffering...the writing was so good.

Praise God for the victory and the faith to hold through it all knowing God would help them get past this trial!
A well written piece with a gripping story that keeps your readers spellbound.What an ordeal you must have gone through! Thank God it is over. God bless.
You did such a wonderful job of showing the reader what it would be like to be that sick. I also enjoyed the glimpse into what those working in other countries go through. I could so relate to the MC's weariness and dread of the illness coming back. I've had a form of systemic shingles (yes even though some doctors say it is impossible, my body disagrees.) For over 23 years now I have never gone longer than three months without an outbreak. I can so relate to looking at the calendar and being afraid to hope because the despair becomes so overwhelming. You did an awesome job with this piece and it gives me the strength to carry on and keep a spark of hope alive.
You really did an amazing job pulling the reader in and letting us live this with you. You painted the images so clearly they could be felt. I'm grateful that this story is about a past ordeal for you and for the victory the Lord provided.

So well written and a moving message of looking to Him even when in constant distress. Wonderful work here!
Congratulations for ranking 8th in level 3! Happy Dance!