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This is so sad. I have tears in my eyes. There are so many different messages in this piece. You did an excellent job in telling this story.
This was so well written, it gripped my heart and didn't let it go. I loved the entire piece, the words, the meaning, the message.

Thank you for this excellent entry. God Bless~
Good job on this story. I relate because my Dad was among those WWII soldiers who returned with depression, nightmares, and lifelong scars from serving our country. Too bad that Audie Murphy felt the pressure of the public eye in addition to war's after effects.
I grew up watching Audie Murphy movies with my dad and really appreciate this look at his life.

Really good writing!
Great job on this article with very appropriate title. I had no idea this poor guy suffered so. I do remember that, as children, we were always told to stand at the foot of Dad's bed to wake him by calling his name and never to touch him to wake him. The war had made coming out of sleep a danger for those nearby if Dad were startled out of sleep. Thanks for "the rest of the story." An excellent job!
Greetings -

Thank you for this interesting and informative read that has hope for veterans. Your care for them is appreciated.
Very well written. I like how you took facts and added the emotion behind the scenes. Creative non-fiction-- I like that.
This especially touched me since I've had grandkids serving in Afghanistan and a grandson currently serving in a submarine somewhere with the Navy. Well written. God bless!
As has been said, this was very well written and flowed beautifully right from the start. I too enjoyed how you took what could have been just static facts and gave them life and feeling. You also brought light to a vital issue of how we care for those who have served their country.

This was extremely moving. Wonderful job!
Such honorable fame reduced to naught because of gambling. A very sad story. Thanks for sharing this. Excellent writing!