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I can nearly see the mischievous smile on your "birthday girl," and the stiffening of the neck on the annoyed Sunday School teacher.
It reminds me of my little brother crawling under a church pew, embarrassing my mother as he started singing a popular tune: "Who wears short-shorts?" Keep up your excellent work.

Wing His Words!
Such a sweet and endearing story (and all the more so because it's true). I absolutely love the line "I learned that day, not hurting anyone and making everyone happy didnít take the place of the truth." What a powerful statement of truth for all of us. Well written ... nicely done!
Hahahahahaha. This was an adorable read. Brings back memories of a couple of my classmates and the "things" they would say for special treats. Good job.

God Bless~
How adorable. I just love the little MC in this story! How precious, and so delightful, her whole reasoning for the birthday celebration...she loved blowing out the candles and the kids loved to sing. Makes sense to me. Good job! God bless!
I enjoyed this story from the first word to the last, but when you revealed it was a true story, my heart sung! This was absolutely adoreable! I deal with children in my own church on a similar level and it is amazing what they come up with. You not only stayed on topic, but you made this reader smile from the reading of this delightful story!
Great story! Just wondering how it could be told without changing point of view mid story. Good description. I could just see that michivious little girl!
Ahhh...sweet story and a lesson learned. :)
A delightful story with a charming mc!
I just love the oh what's the right word chutzpah of this darling little girl. You managed to cover the topic in a fun and fresh way.