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Okay how did you bug my house? This sounds almost exactly like things I say to my husband, except I'm throwing it through the window not in the trash! Oh I could so relate to the MC!

You have a great beginning and a funny ending. I think the judging criterion you need to work on the most is smoother transitions. For example, this line -- Growling and thumping coming from the den prompts: might flow a bit better with just a simple rearranging with something like this -- She shakes her head as she hears her husband growl and jumps when a thump vibrates into the kitchen. Though it may not be the best example, it helps the reader identify who is in the kitchen and it also paints a picture of her reactions to the growling and thumping. From there you just go into the dialog because you already set up that she is doing the speaking.

You had me giggling several times. Technically, your acronym fits the topic in a delightful and fresh way. I do wonder if the judges aren't looking for a more precise example of the topic this quarter because the ECs are going into an anthology instead of into the magazine. But either way, I think it was quite clever and I enjoyed reading this story. I might even show it to my husband to prove I'm not the only one who declares that computers hate me. I also had to giggle about not wanting to let a machine win. I really do think you've been just outside my window listening to me. The dialog was natural and felt real. This is a delightful read.
Hahahahahaha! Delightfully different...and a joy to read. Nicely done. Thank you.

God bless~
Very clever and (sadly) very credible. A couple of minor typos may have reflected the male difficulties that inspired you, but I loved the fun you tossed in at the end, even if it was a little acronym-onious ;-)
Such an enjoyable read. As I was reading, I kept wondering where the topic Picnic was going to come in and you quite surprised me. Good job!God bless!
This was very funny, sounds like my house. I was totally surprised at the way you did the topic. Good job.
Having worked on many a help desk throughout my IT career, I really found this piece enjoyable and funny. This read very well and flowed nicely. I do think "most" help desk professionals would refrain from using such a "poke fun at the caller" attitude when actually speaking with one but the conversation was credible and it added nicely to the picture you crafted about the husband's anxiety.

Well done!
Congratulations for ranking 8th in level three!