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Nice of Mark to forgive her, but if I were her, I'd have a hard time forgiving HIM. Well-written, with a humorous touch.
Nope, he definitely needed to forgive her. Very cute article. What were you worried about?
This was cute because it showed the desperation of smokers. The one thing I would suggest would be to show the relationship between Mark and the guard. Maybe say that they are old friends and the guard let him in on his wife's secret or something to explain why he was willing to help. But it was still a funny story.
Yeah, it stinks, but only of cigarette smoke! (Did I scare you at first? hehehe). I thought it was cute. :)We wrote on the same wavelength this week. Eeerie. I had a perfume counter girl and a security guard in mine too.
You've written a great little story about how habits can ensnare us. I really enjoy your style and this cute story!
Cute! with a good point - it's hard to cover up those bad habbits!
How touching and funny! Sounds like something my husband would do to help me break some of my less agreeable habits (overshopping, chocolate, saltaholicism)! I like it:)
Cute! Had her going. Charging her for using test products. LOL! Had me going too, wondering where it was going. I liked it!
LOL Lynda! Fast moving and entertaining. I enjoyed this.
Fun story, Lynda!
Oh the guilt of a cover up! We all cover something at times I suspect. :) Karen
This was sweet and slightly humerous. Nice stuff! Nice title!
Great fun! I enjoyed it, even though Sheila was a bit of an airhead. Great set-up by the husband, and as always, terrific writing. I could see the whole thing.
Cute and fun. Well done.
Loved the drama in the story and the humour that the couple share. Yeggy
Lynda, once again you were up there in the high places. You ranked 21st overall this week (out of 145 entries), so again, you did very well. With love, Deb
I really like this Lynda, but then again after readingf many of your writings I can't say I disliked any of them hon.:0) You are truly gifted kiddo! Keep it up and take it from me one of these days you are going to get that book done and published for sure.:0)