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Wow- I loved this modern day story of "feeding the multitudes." It was touching and made me smile, I wasn't surprised to see it was based on a true account.

Great job. Thanks for sharing.

God bless~
Wow, what a great miracle. God can so work through our mistakes and immaturities, even when it seems embarrassing
This is a great story and the Lord does work in mysterious ways. I'm sure that miracle that night had several people in awe and willing to trust Jesus with the bigger things in life. After all if he can make chips multiply just imagine what he can do when we give him our hearts!
WOW! Such a demonstration of God's power! Not "Chips-Ahoy," but "Chips-Amen!" I'd guess you could never look at chips the same after that miracle.

Wing His Words!
A wonderful re-applying of a timeless teaching. This was well written and flowed easily. I could feel the excitement you had then as you re-told of this awesome miracle. Nice work!
What a beautiful story of God's provision! I loved this. God bless!
Congratulations for ranking 8th in level three. You and I tied! Happy Dance!