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Great story! I loved it. You can make this into a book...I want to know more.
Thanks for this well written and exciting piece.

God bless~
Nice job on this article. Your MC may have found out one very valuable lesson there in that kitchen. Life with the soldier may have been more difficult than the faltering relationship had been. You have made it easy for us to put ourselves in that kitchen with her as we read.
This is a delightful story. I loved how you brought up the conflict immediately. I could feel the tension in that tiny kitchen. The only problem I had was trying to keep straight which boyfriend was new and which was old but that's probably due to my fuzzy brain.I think you did a nice job of covering the topic in a different way and I enjoyed this story. Nice job.
Very fun story! I liked the way you included some brand names and the model of the car to give its time setting. I could relate to some of them quite well. I enjoyed this.
A very enjoyable piece that was spot on topic. I too could feel the tension in the kitchen and even felt a sense of how tight and smaller it was becoming by the moment. I also, as certain points, found it hard to keep the conversation straight as to who was speaking (Andy or Neil).

But overall, I really liked this. Well done!
Oh my! I could sure feel the stress of your MC. What a predicament, but she handled it beautifully and ended up with best of the beaus! God bless1