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I liked how you started this devotion with a story that just about everyone can relate to. This immediately puts the reader in a comfortable state.This is another story that I think would really go more with this week's topic.

But you did a nice job of giving examples and telling about the stories that matched it in the Bible. I almost wish you had continued and told even more about the verses where the men thought the items in the stew were poision. This isn't a story that I can remember really well and would have delighted in hearing your take on it.I do enjoy the new feature that allows us to click on the verses and read them to refresh our memories.

I immediately did that and it really helped me understand your point more. You did a spectacular job in the end of wrapping everything up and putting it into words that most will be able to understand. Good job.
I love how you started with a modern story and then went into the story of Elisha in the Bible. Good job! God bless!
Succint and to the point. Beautifully done. Divine message and completely lovely. Thank you.

God bless~
Creative way to connect the present-day practice of church potlucks with Bible truth. I agree that I would like to have more words for you to use so we could get more of the story but I think you did a great job with what you did have. One always wants more with an interesting story.
Clever portrayal of separate times, with a clear message that relates to each era.
I like the way you direct your readers to the main story in focus between the intro and ending. A nicely written piece!
As others have said, the transition from the opening story to your main point was well done. I like the picture your words painted of us being vessels in which the Lord makes His "stew" if you will, and serves us to the masses. Good job!