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Member Comments
This is so lovely. You do a fabulous job with the flow and rhyming. I think it would make a beautiful song.
Beautiful job with this lovely poem. The words were touching and flowed from beginning to end. Thank you.
God Bless~
This is a delightful, on topic, well-written poem which I thoroughly enjoyed. The rhythm of your poem read very smoothly. blessings...
And they all said, "Amen" You did a wonderful job putting this scripture into poetic form. Your writing a very real and genuine feel to it. Nice job.
Excellent flow and rhyming in this wonderful poem! I loved it's vivid imagery and joyful feel! Great job!
Amen and amen. Beautiful energy and joy flows through the whole piec.. Excellent
Good flow and rhythm...An uplifting poetic picture of the joyous banquet we all yearn for!
I'm not much of a poetry person, but I definitely love this. Well written, flows well, and has a powerful message. Good job. God bless!
To me, a poem isn't a poem unless it rhymes, and you've done a fine job of rhyming in this beautiful poem. The passage you used is perfect for the topic, and it is an encouragement for me to be steadfast. At the same time, it also makes me hope for the soon return of my Lord.

Very nice.
A display of grandeur and magnificence of that day when we shall be gathered together for the feast dressed in garments of praise. A well written piece describing the details vividly. Well done!
I am filled with joy and hope after reading the magnificent poem! So well crafted and the message is awesome.