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Oh this was so good!

Hahahahahahaha...I can relate to this type of "mini-quick" diet. I remember as a teen trying to lose five pounds in three days eating grapefruits.

So well written I felt as if I as right there with all of you. Great job of capturing the sights, sounds and behavior.

Thanks for sharing. I loved it.

God bless~

P.S. "Anne-Lise I ONLY drink coffee black. Just so you know!"
Loved your day-by-day dieting descriptions! It sure sounded very restrictive. My best weight loss came when I ate mostly steamed foods. Yes, it included the e-word, too.
Wing His Words!
Very enjoyable story with its own subtle message. Thanks for not 'pounding' us with it.
Good message on the power of support!Your detailed diary kept the reader involved and drew us into your fun story.
What a delightful story! The diet sounding boring (as most diets do)but the interaction within the family was hilarious! You did a great job! God bless!
They way of the diets!! I really like this. Great writing and great story.

God Bless, Lynn
I'm glad I never decided to try this kind of restrictive diet! I would have been a serious "tummy-grumbler," too! :)

I enjoyed reading your diet diary, and I appreciated the powerful message shared at the end! Good job!
This made for an interesting story. I just wish I enjoyed diets as much as stories!
An interesting read. Well done!
This was an enjoyable read. You had me giggling at Dad's antics. He seems like he would be a hoot to go on a diet with!

I did notice you said woofing it down where I had thought the phrase was wolfing it down. Tiny detail though. Another little thing is Anne felt like your sister at the beginning but then you describe her as a guest. You may want to make that point sooner.

One of the things I noticed is how Dad lost the most weight. That often seems to be the case that men can lose more weight faster than females. But then there are times during the month where I might gain or lose 5 pounds in just a day or so!
You did a nice job of covering the topic in a fun way.