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This touched my heart on so many levels. This well written account of "life" for these children is sobering, yet hopeful. The relinquishing joy for the missionaries to "feed" and to bring the message of love which represents Christ is prolific and powerful.

Thank you for sharing your memories and the journal of your children.

God Bless you and all who serve the Lord in this capacity.

This story recalled my own mental images of children that has touched my heart from all over the world. This was well crafted and transported the reader to being there, waiting for the children to eat. You built the suspense very well. Nice work!
This is a unique approach but right on topic. I enjoyed your entry very much.
To the hungry-any food becomes a feast. A very touching story, God's continued hand of blessing on this ministry to children in need. Beautiful word pictures...
Wing His Words!
How fulfilling it must be to be in the midst of this true brought a beautiful story to life in your well written piece!
This is such a moving story. God bless all those who feed the hungry every day in every part of our world. Well written. God bless!
The heart of a missionary revealed in the care of hungry souls. Thanks for sharing this well written and heart-warming piece. God bless.
This is so beautiful. I'm reminded how naive I am in my little safe corner of the world and I thank God for you and others like you who are following Jesus' command Feed my sheep. I can't imagine anyone reading this story and not feel the pain that so many children in the world suffer. I know trust doesn't come easy and for children in these circumstances it must be a huge thing to trust. But no matter what, you are dedicated to helping the little children of the world. This is a spectacular read!
I'm terrible at reading titles so I didn't catch this one before but I love it. What a perfect fit!
Congratulations for ranking 7th in level 3 and 14th overall! Happy Dance!