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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
The Official Writing Challenge
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Member Comments
Beautifully written-one to be read slowly and savored.
Truly beautiful. I have the teensiest suggestion: in a poem as formal in meter and rhyme as this one, the first letters of each line should be capitalized. But this poem is truly glorious--your words well-chosen and your message both tender and wonderful.
This is beautiful. I really like how you wrote it addressed to Mary. The first stanza is my favorite.
This is a beautiful, eloquant re-vision of the story in scented scenes.
I really liked this! As I've liked all your others as well! Third stanza - AWESOME. Great job!
Magnificent! The whole Gospel presented in a lovely way. I truly enjoyed this!
A lovely poem -well done.
A work of art. I love every precious line. Thank you!
Me again...I LOVE your conclusion particularly (and your title). Be the fragrance--perfect!
Perfect. ('the first letters of each line should be capitalized.' don't do that, it will halt the flow of movement from one line to the next)
As always, well done! I can't pick a favorite stanza or line, because I liked them all. Beautifully written!
Linda, you know I love your poetry. It's a gift from God. Once again, you were right up there in the high places - ranking 10th in the Level 3 placings, and 17th overall (out of 145 entries). So well done (as always). Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)