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This is hysterical. Your sense of humor a delight. I've read a few "real junk" food stories, but your POV was quite original. I really enjoyed the characters, but I have just one question rats or cats? Great bit of writing, mate! I think the Australian accent makes the story even more charming. :)
I didn't read the Bible verse before and now I feel a bit of crimson creeping onto my face and I wonder if the characters were human after all? Either way, it was a delightful story.
This put me in mind of a friend of mine whose story was very similar. During WW II, her family was kept alive because she dug out a tiny patch of ground and was small enough to crawl under the barbed wire fence at night. She waited behind the restaurants frequented by the American G.I.'s and collected the scraps from the garbage in a tin can. She said the officers always left a lot of food on their plates and she knew she could trust that they weren't sick. This saved her entire family from starvation. Your present day story might very well be a true one with all of the homeless folks in our world today. You did a great job describing the scene and story. Thank you!
I love this entry. It was a simple storyline but rich in description and meaning.

I was hooked in from the beginning trying to figure out if the characters were animal or human. That added to the interest and made me read on. I've decided that they're two homeless people because I don't much like rats!

It was beautifully written and great for the topic. I think this entry will do very well.

I also suspect I know the author.
Great writing! The dialogue keeps it moving with a great flow. Junk food in a completely different sense. lol
Loved the "Aussie" flavor of the phrasing and dialogue, particularly, "we tuck into our meal". LOVE that expression! Very creative approach to the topic, and well written.
I really enjoyed this creative "Junk Food" story! It has some good humor to it, but also a sobering message of the needs around us. It reminds us to share some of our excess willingly with others, too. Really good writing!
A very well written piece with an excellent plot. If only all of us care enough to look around, we'd see how many out there who need help, even just to eat the crumbs that fall from the rich men's table. This story reminds me of the verse:

But she said, "Yes, Lord; but even the dogs feed on the crumbs which fall from their masters' table." (Matthew 15:27 NAS)

Enjoyed the read. God bless.

Congratulations for ranking 16 overall!