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I'm not sure if it's my mood of the day or if it's your, no, it must be your writing that's got me all smiling and weepy at the same time. I enjoyed this piece like a hearty meal, loved your portrayal of human thick-headedness, and I loved your presentation of this familiar story. And to think that Simon, son of John, the one who denied Christ three times is still feeding the sheep after all these years through writings from authors like you...
This is lovely, very well written and an excellent view of the story.
Bravo! I've written a couple of stories about this but never thought to use the perspective of Peter. It came to life!
This is an excellent piece. I liked the descriptions and the way it feels modern and timeless at the same time.
Nicely done and well written.

I never tire of the "different versions" through the years of this well favored verse/scripture in the Bible.

I myself wrote about this as have many others...but as previously mentioned, I never tire of it. There is always a fresh and new approach, as evidenced by your tale.

Great job. Thanks.

God bless~
Great contemporary & creative version of this story of love,forgiveness and hope!
This is a fresh look at the scene and the mood from behind Peter's eyes and from his heart. Great work.
An excellent recount of the event written in a way that moves the readers' heart. Thank you for bringing to life this important message of forgiveness. It greatly moved my heart as I read. Well done on a nicely written piece. God bless.
Congratulations for ranking 9th in level 3!
I wrote on this same beloved story, as did many others, but I have enjoyed reading it from different perspectives and angles. You did a nice job with this, and I was blessed!