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Warm, worshipful message of encouragement to believer's willing to serve.

Wing His Words!
This touched me deeply. Thank you for sharing your personal testimony with us.
God bless~
A nice touch on this topic- very unique. I could feel the lump of silvers pain as he wanted so much for his life to have meaning. He got the greatest gift in the end, to be the cup our Master would drink from.

A great job and thank you for sharing with us.

God bless!
Lovely story that is very well told. I could imagine myself in there with all the other lumps of silver! Stories are well written when the reader finds himself/herself in the scene rather than just reading about the scene. You wrote it that way! Nice job!
This is an inovative way to deal with the topic, personifying the silver. Very creative. I enjoyed it. Thanks.
This is a wow worthy entry. You did an outstanding job weaving the suspense throughout this tale. Many people would have thought oh just make the MC the cup, but I thought it a bit of genius for the POV to be from a lump. Sometimes I think we all feel a tad lumpy and cry out to the Lord. This is one of my all-time favorites for sure. So again I give you a worthy Wow!
I love this entry. It is unique, interesting from beginning to end, and has a great message. Good job.
Congratulations! Happy Dance! This was one of my all-time favorites!
Very creative approach to the topic, with a strong testimony in your footnote. Well-deserved HC also.
I really enjoyed your story. Congratulations on your HC! Unique and nicely written.
Congratulations on your HC ranking for your creative story.
Congratulations and hugs.

Wing His Words!