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Great job with this entry, and wonderful message.
Thanks. God bless~
Don't we all know people like this... who are constantly negative and want to blame everything on everybody? I just had to break up with my boyfriend 3 days ago because he was just this kind of person. I felt God was telling me that I needed to get away from that negativity if I was to move forward in Him. I loved how you made your MC be transformed by the power of Jesus, and it was great to see him so joyful. Great story.

God Bless!
Great message in this story, and one I needed reinforced in my own life this week! I especially liked the line: "You've been saved by grace, Now live by grace." Blessings on your writing! :)
A good story with a good message that we all need to take note of at times lest we slip into negativity. Thanks.
This is an interesting story. I really liked that you quoted a Bible verse that didn't have the word cup in it. (Though make sure at the end you add the reference for the verse--if you do it as a footnote it doesn't count towards your word count) You also did a nice job of bringing the story full circle. It was a pleasure to read.